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Wednesday, March 07, 2008

A Unique Service

Today I met with Valerie Cantrell the owner of a local business named The Unpackers. Her business helps people unpack and organize their stuff after they have moved. I didn't even know such a business existed. I am always fascinated by business creativity and this one certainly caught my attention. I came away very impressed with Valerie's understanding of the needs of her clients as well as the tremendous service she offers.

After the meeting I browsed through her site and found some wonderful testimony of her services. You might think this is a service only for the rich and famous - but then you think of the countless hours you spend trying to move in (the days off you might have to take) or the kids that get in the way - and you realize Valerie would smooth out the hassle.

So, check out her website and give her a call. You'll be impressed. Tell her Shailesh sent you!

A home makeover for a giving family

David Mills
12 News
Feb. 18, 2007 05:29 PM

Roberto and Kristina Gallarzo have hosted 16 foster children over the last two years.

The family has now adopted Gloria, a toddler who is HIV positive. The National Association of Professional Organizers selected them to receive a home-makeover.

The makeover would include redoing their family room, which was promptly expanded to the rest of the house and landscaping. advertisement

The Gallarzos’ have three children of their own and everyone was very excited and surprised to see the results.

Susan Stewart, co-chair of Destination Organization, told me about the family and what it meant to her and the rest of the crew to help such a giving family.

Click here to see video clip (when available)

Boxes for Every Job

Susan Felt
The Arizona Republic
Jul. 24, 2004 12:00 AM


Destination Oganization

Stackable drawers, regardless of size, are especially suited for under the bathroom sink or in closets or offices, according to professional organizer Valerie Volden-Cantrell. The small ones are wonderful for ointments, bandages, contact lenses, hair ribbons or clips, Volden-Cantrell says. She likes Sterilite’s three-drawer stackables. I’ve been able to find them at Big Lots for $4.99 each.

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